Freshly made meals for $9. Free Hotspot delivery.

Cancel, Pause, Restart Anytime.

Innovating Food Subscription in Canada

Step 1: Pick Your Plan

select the number of meals to be delivered each week


2 Meals / Week


3 Meals / Week


4 Meals / Week


5 Meals / Week


6 Meals / Week


Step 2: Choose Your Meals

select the specific meal(s) to be delivered each delivery date

Step 3: Select Your Pick-Up Location

select the location(s) for each meal to be delivered to our hotspots around the UBC campus

1. UBC Life Building

2. Marine Drive + Ponderosa

3. Walter Gage

4. Custom Delivery*

*additional fee of $1.25 will apply for on-campus deliveries

Frequently Asked Questions

Grubgrab was made with student schedules in mind. Customers can cancel/skip/pause their meals as they wish. Email and we can cater to any changes to your plan.

Our hotspot delivery consists of a Grubgrab representative present at different locations throughout the UBC Campus, making it convenient for customers to select the closest location from their daily schedule. We strive to be efficient and environmentally-friendly through our method of hotspot delivery.

We deliver every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Grubgrab strives to ensure all meals are made the day of delivery. The meals are fresh and are to be consumed wthin 4 days. All Grubgrab meals also have a best before date on each meal.

We at Grubgrab strive to be sustainable. All our salad bowls are compostable. Our entrees and wrap containers are compostable & recyclable.